Monday, March 19, 2012

The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

Addicted to Gossip Girl? Love to emerge yourself in the drama and luxury of the young elite? Do you love that Historical Fiction takes you back to another time and culture? The Luxe follows the lives of five teenagers living in 1899 Manhattan. Elisabeth Holland is the golden girl and when her family's financial future is on the line, she is forced to choose between her duty and the love she feels for a member of her staff. But when New York's darling's carriage turns over and there is no Elisabeth to be found, the entire city falls into a state of grieving. Some wonder if the lifestyle was too much for Elisabeth or if someone wanted her to disappear...

This book combines the drama, mystery and scandal found in today's young media, with the glitz and allure of the Nineteenth century to create a masterpiece of literary genius. While the characters may have lives more than one hundred years ago, they fit seamlessly into the mindset and ideals of modern elite youth. This book is like fancy French chocolate, luxurious, rich and completely delicious. This series makes you wish that you were going to balls with the Holland sisters, living the life that we'd all love to have.

I would recommend this book to someone looking for an escape from the modern era. While this book is historical fiction it is anything but dry and boring. Think Titanic mixed with Gossip Girl, and you'll get The Luxe. Sorry guys, while we all know you love a little drama, this book is geared more towards young ladies ages 14 and up. So grab this book off the shelf, I bet you're dying to know what really happened to Elisabeth Holland.

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