Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bunheads by Sophie Flack

See the girl of the stage? Twirling and jumping like she's dancing on a layer of water. She goes onto releve, an arabesque en penche with a leap sequence and the audience holds their breath. She has everything that thousands of girls would die for. Everything yet nothing, a life dominated by dance. Hannah lives her life as one of these dancers, juggling rehearsals and shows without a moment to be young. But up until now, she's been content dedicating her life to ballet. Then she meets Jacob, and Hannah must decide if she wants to continue to compete to be the star of the company or to dive into a new adventure in the real world. She must make a choice, her life long dream or the assurance of living an every day life. And by the end she will surely reach her breaking pointe, a choice of her two loves.

Sophie Flack knows ballet better than anyone. A former ballet dancer herself, she knows how it feels to live the lifestyle so few ever obtain. The sacrifices, the dedication, the emotions are her own. Step behind the curtain, past the glamour and the glitter and experience first hand what this art form is really like. What it takes to reach the top, what it feels like to taste victory. And of course the strength it takes to make the toughest decisions that life throws your way.

Love dance? Then you'll adore this novel. Not a dancer, but still curious about the life of a ballerina? Then you'll be hooked by the book that puts everything out on the page. You will feel like you really know Hannah, that you can relate to her struggles in your own life. She's a friend, and someone that you can see a little bit of yourself in. So what are you waiting for, don't you want to know what's going on under than elastic-tight bun?

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