Monday, October 29, 2012

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Because of all of the unsuccessful marriages her mother has been (five to be exact) eighteen-year-old Remy doesn't exactly believe in a love that can last. Dexter, a quirky musician crashes into her life and changes everything. Not only did she say she would never fell in love, she also said she would never fall in love with a musician. Remy and Dexter go through the ups and downs of a complicated, "no commitment" relationship. Her past looms over her as well. She falls asleep to "This Lullaby" on most nights. It's the song her father had written for her before he passed away. Remy is dealing with her family issues, her father's death, and the possibility that she might be falling in love.

Not only do I absolutely love anything written by Sarah Dessen but I’d have to deem this one my absolute favorite. As soon as I started flipping through the first few pages I felt myself fall in love with the character, who, ironically, is reluctant to fall in love… if that even exists. As soon as you start reading about Remy, you have an automatic connection with her. When Dexter, the dorky band member comes into the picture you can’t help but to root for him, hoping he gets her in the end. After reading this, I still dream about a guy like Dexter. I only wish that I could reread this book more often.

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