Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Angel Experiment By James Patterson

This book is about a group of kids, who were kidnapped from their families. They become scientific experiments and are genetically modified to be bird like. They have wings and can actually fly. They manage to escape from their captors but they are now being hunted down. Along the way, they find out about some other unknown and unique supernatural traits that they have..
I loved this book very much. It is a thrilling book that keeps you interested and springs surprises on you along the way. You always try to guess what is going to happen next and it is so fun to read.
This is a fiction book that has many other books in this series. If you read one, you will get caught up in the others in the series as well. I lost sleep trying to read all of them. The author James Patterson is a very well known fictional author. He is an author similar to Kiera Cass, who wrote the series The Selection, which is also about a future reality. If you like Kiera Cass, I recommend James Patterson!

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